Relaxation takes hold

A few years ago when I had a very stressful job Ash and I spent a week in a cottage on a beach on the west coast of Scotland.  To get to it we had to drive across two fields and then down a cliff face.  At the bottom was the cottage and we had the beach to ourselves.  It was amazing but I was so wound up that when Ash suggested I take my watch off I panicked!  I tried and tried but it wasn't until day three of a seven day holiday that I managed to relax enough to leave the watch on the bedside table.  I'd just started to properly unwind when it was time to make our way home.  Yesterday was a little like that.  I did manage to sit down and read a little (Terry Pratchett's 'A Slip of the Keyboard' if you remember) but I gardened more than I sat still and I listened to an audio book while I gardened.  Today I sat still more than I gardened which wasn't particularly effective in the area of weed control but was very useful for gathering news from the Saturday paper and particularly helpful as far as working my way further through Terry Pratchett's thoughts ready for my reading group meeting next week.  The last three months have seen me not only failing to finish the book but also missing the meetings so I'm expecting brownie points when I arrive at this one.  So it seems that relaxation is creeping up on me rather more quickly than it has in the past which bodes well for the week after next.

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Sarah H said…
An excellent start to your change of direction - enjoy!
Jane said…
Definitely something I'm looking forward to.