The cabin in the woods

I may have given the impression to those not in the know that yesterday we were heading towards a remote cabin in the middle of a forest, possibly with bears for neighbours.  Once upon a time that would be the sort of thing we would have looked out for (but minus the bears and not too far from civilisation).  Over the years my hobby has to been to look for holiday destinations that were just off the beaten track, just slightly different from the norm and I had a dream of staying in a cottage in Northumberland which was 8 miles from the main road and where the last two miles of that were only accessible by 4 wheel drive.  There was no electricity and no mobile phone signal and to both of us it sounded like heaven .  We didn't manage to get there and nowadays Ash needs a little more certainty when we're a way from home so this week we are staying in a forest lodge not too far from where we live.  It has the feel of being almost on its own but has all mod cons and there is no 'making do'.  We have our favourite radio stations; he can still watch Pointless and The Chase; the dog is with us; we have the clock giving us the day, date and time; we brought all of our food with us and all of these things have meant Ash can relax which in turn means he's laughing and joking and it feels almost like a normal holiday.  With forest walks from the front door we're getting plenty of fresh air and exercise (2 hr walk this morning followed by another 2 hr walk this afternoon) which I think might mean I'll sleep so what could be better?  An excellent start to my semi-retirement I have to say.

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