Conversations in this house sometimes take on a surreal tone nowadays.  Take this example from last night when we were watching The Chase.

Question: (actually can't remember what it was, sorry)
Me: (correct answer)
Ash:  I think we've seen this one before.
Me: We have, it was on last night.
Ash:  thought so.

10 mins later:
Question: (again can't remember what it was, this memory thing is catching)
Me: (Correct answer)
Ash:  How did you know that?
Me: I remembered from last night.
Ash: Was it on last night then?

As I said a few days ago sometimes I think I've joined Alice in Wonderland.

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Sarah H said…
Well that made me smile 🙂.
Ann said…
😊 Me too. My beloved and I have these ‘surreal’ conversations on a daily basis now. Some of them make make chuckle, and some make me wonder if Dementia is ‘catching’! (Only joking)