Events as a lesson to be learned

This morning I was congratulating myself on how well the new strategy of not speaking first thing in the morning was working.  I've managed to remain silent until Ash is ready for conversation for the past few days and as a result he's started each day in a much calmer frame of mind so I was feeling very proud of my efforts (and those of you who know me will appreciate what an effort it's been).  Unfortunately today went downhill from that point on.  It was a day of confusion and angst right up until tonight and all because there wasn't enough detail in the diary Ash keeps.  All was sorted before bed time but now I'm waiting with baited breath to see if it was a blip or whether this is another slip down the slope of dementia.  If it's the former then we're ok for a bit longer but if the latter then lessons must be learned and more detail it will have to be so watch this space.

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Lesley said…
Hopefully it was just a blip but wonder if, eventually, you keeping the 'family' diary would be easier - if you typed it onto a tablet it would be really clear and you could update it as and when needed for Ash to refer to? Hope today is a better day xx
Jane said…
Ash gets very irritable if I suggest I write in the diary so think that's not really an option although I consider it on a regular basis. Also generally the written diary out on the dining room table for both of us to look at usually workds. The problem came about because I overestimated the amount of information he can retain so when he was confirming (as I walked out of the door) what i was going to be doing and where I was going to be I assumed that meant he knew. I'd also stood over him as he wrote it all down in the diary but we'd missed out one vital piece of information in the write up and because of that chaos reigned. never mind, I'll know in future.
Ann said…
Slightly different for us, Jane, as I keep the diary (my beloved has physical problems, that mean he can no longer write).

However, if I do (rarely) go out without him (he’s never left alone), I write a big note with times I’ll be home, where I am, my mobile number (if he needs to speak to me) and who’s in the house if he needs help. I leave the note next to him, so he can see it at all times. I’ve found this really works, and so far haven’t been on the receiving end of too many ‘meltdowns’.

I’m sure this was just a ‘blip’ for you and Ash. Deep’re doing a brilliant job!