Friends, friends, friends

Another two days without posting but this time for a very different reason.  The past couple of days have been spent with friends.  Thursday was out learning about gardens and history with someone I have been friends with for 34 years and knows far more about both than I ever will and yesterday with two friends I have known since before Ash (and there aren't many of those around).  All of my friends are lovely and supportive and both days took me out of myself but there's something about those who've known you since before you became an awkward teenager, and then a grown-up, that is particularly comfortable.  You can sit in silence if you want to, you know when to laugh and when to keep quiet and there is no hiding, no pretending and no need to say if you need help.  They seem to know instinctively what I'm thinking and are always there if I need them.  They laugh at me as well as with me too which is no bad thing, in fact it really isn't possible to take myself seriously when I'm with them so I finished my two days of socialising feeling better than I've felt in quite a while.  The company of friends can't I think be recommended highly enough and, in the absence of my very best friend, I appreciate them all the more.

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Lesley said…
So, so pleased you've had a good few days - keep them coming!
Ann said…
Shudder to think where I’d be without my wonderful friends!
Jane said…
And me. They really do make life so much better don't they?