Short break cut a little shorter

Last night I was counting the cabin in the woods as one of my more successful ideas.  We'd been for long walks, the dog was more than happy, the cabin was beautiful and we were having such a nice time.  This morning I fell into the trap of thinking life was normal so decided to lie in and listen to my favourite DJ after Ash got up.  BIG mistake and one I would hate you to make which is the only reason I'm telling you all this.  By staying upstairs and leaving Ash on his own there was far too much time for him to think, to panic and to wish he was at home.  He completely forgot how, less than 12 hours earlier, he was saying what a great time we were having and how he couldn't wait to return in October.  Now apparently he couldn't find anything, he didn't know where he was and everything was too complicated.  I quickly agreed and suggested we had one last walk then pack up and go home.  I also tried my best to stay calm but underneath it all I was kicking myself.  I really do know better but sometimes I just forget and then have to suffer the consequences.  Anyway the calmness worked and by the time we were halfway round the walk Ash was saying that it seemed a shame to cut the trip short and he was happy to stay until tomorrow morning so that was the plan.  It was the plan right up until we were back at the cabin and the heavens opened.  We sat inside watching the hailstones bounce off the veranda and realised that, as we weren't far from home, we might be better watching the rain from our own sitting room so we ate lunch, packed up and came back here to more familiar surroundings.  The great thing is that we didn't actually miss out on anything other than a very wet walk this afternoon, the trip was mainly a success and I can now start clearing out the office a day earlier than planned.

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Lesley said…
Really glad you managed the final walk and then came home on your own terms, not with Ash in a panic. You did well for weather on the whole - glad the rain held off til this afternoon.
Jane said…
that's what I thought. If we'd come home because he was in a temporary panic that's what he would have remembered. Also this way we came home when he wanted but without him losing face.
Sarah H said…
You were both in control - excellent. I’m sure it doesn’t matter if plans change a little - flexibility is good. In the main it was a success as well as another bit of learning . . .
Ann said…
Ash’s temporary feeling of panic, when alone for a few minutes and in somewhere he doesn’t recognise is absolutely typical. I know because it’s also happened to us. You reacted brilliantly Jane and as Sarah said ‘flexibility is good’.

Loss of control is a terrible thing for men like Ash and my O.H. (who were used to being in control and making decisions). By giving Ash the power to decide it was time to come home, gave him back his dignity. Well done you!