A better day

You'll be pleased to hear that today was much better than yesterday.  The five and a half year old helped of course as he lights up all of our lives and diverts the focus of our attention away from all our difficulties.  Today he'd brought his train set along to keep him occupied but Jake was also unwrapping late birthday presents and who needs a train set when you have a camp fire grill and extendable marshmallow forks to play with so that was him set.  He and Jake had also brought along a pear tree which was Ash's Father's Day present and it came with strict instructions (from the five and a half year old) to water it and look after it.  Apparently it's going to be inspected on each visit and I dread to think what will happen if we appear to be failing in our care of it.  So today there were smiles in all directions, only one or two points where Jake and I had our heads bitten off and the little one came through completely unscathed as usual as he can do absolutely no wrong.  Thank goodness for cute grandchildren is all I can say.

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Lesley said…
So glad you had a lovely time! Hope the happy feeling seeps into the whole of next week :o) xx