A new determination appears from nowhere

This isn't the post I was going to share today but I've just been reading over posts I wrote months ago and it's occurred to me that my sense of optimism has gone astray.  I'm not sure exactly why that's happened but it's clearly not helpful or conducive to my well-being (or yours either) so I've decided it's time for a new start.  The weekend was lovely but I did tend to dwell on the fractious run up to the off and then the blip when Ash forgot where he was.  What I failed to remember was the lovely place Windermere turned out to be; the fact that our cottage was right in the centre; the amazing walk to the lake we found which we could cover in numerous different ways meaning Ash could mentally relax while we found new views to take in; the lovely restaurant where we sat on the upstairs terrace and watched the world go by beneath our feet and. best of all, the fun of seeing all the different coloured swimming hats bobbing up and down in Lake Windermere while different people set out to swim different distances none of which I could have done in a million years.  That last was one of the most fun and unique experiences we've had in ages.  There were food stalls galore, proper coffee on offer, a souvenir stand, dogs everywhere you looked and, as far as the eye could see, bodies of all shapes and sizes in wet suits.  As a family, people-watching has always been a favourite activity and there were plenty of opportunities for that on offer on Sunday.  Even getting stuck on the Bradford ring road on the way up failed to be boring as we had our suspicions confirmed that life in the world outside our small Lincolnshire village is very different to our day to day experiences.

So life isn't as difficult as I'd persuaded myself it was and it's time to start focusing on the positive once again I feel.

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Sarah H said…
Excellent attitude! We all make that mistake from time to time . . .
Lesley said…
I think you're being a bit hard on yourself ... but I did really enjoy hearing about all the good stuff - keep it coming! :o) xx
Ann said…
I must say I agree with Lesley.....please don’t be so hard on yourself Jane.x