Another milestone in this new life we're leading

Haven't posted for a few days as the five and a half year old burst into our lives again on Thursday and there really hasn't been much time for anything else.  Instead there's been weeding to do; conker runs (step ladder, drainpipes, gaffa tape, rope, a large magnolia tree and a bowl of conkers discovered in the depths of the play house) to make; streams to be paddled in; fields to run around; sandcastles to be created on the beach and tea parties to be had.  He left this morning and the two of us, plus the dog, have collapsed with exhaustion but it's been brilliant.  Ash is so relaxed in the company of the five and a half year old that it's almost like old times and there really is nothing like the total admiration of the grandson (who thinks Grumps can do ANYTHING) to rebuild that self esteem however short a time it lasts.  So after all that the part of my brain which suggests that the past months/years have all been a big mistake and we can now get on with normal life came to the fore and I asked for the lawn to be mown.  If you've been following this for a while you'll know that there have been some issues with lawn mowing so I did ask with some trepidation but Ash agreed instantly.  Unfortunately by the time he'd got to the shed he'd forgotten what he'd agreed to do so opened the door, looked quizzically inside, then quietly closed the door again and went to sit in the sun.  What to do?  I asked him to show me how to start the mower and then did it myself.   There was a false start when he noticed the stripes on the front grass weren't very straight and took that bit over but then seemed to think the mowing was done and started to put the mower away.  Luckily I got in quickly enough and it seems that mowing is now added to my repertoire of new skills.  This isn't, I know, unusual and many of my friends are the mowing experts in their gardens but a stripy lawn has always been Ash's domain and today has shown all over again how much our life together is changing.  One thought that sustained me however as I felt my arms being pulled out of their sockets by the mower is that I can put this with all the other new activities which are going to ensure I finish the summer even fitter and more suntanned than I expected.

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Sarah H said…
So pleased the five and a half year old is keeping you both on your toes - how delightful!
Jane said…
Exhaustion set in the moment he left and think we've both been on autopilot all day but it's allowed us to spend 4 days in a bubble of make-believe which is never a bad thing I think.
Michael said…
Brilliant, we have a 18 month old Grandson who runs us ragged! We both love it and Carole’s absolutely loves him to bits and Sebastian loves Carole back with kisses ❤️