Back home and all settled in

Great journey back from the Lakes even if it is hours from home and definitely better than the journey up when the Sat Nav took us onto the Bradford ring road.  Don't you just love technology!  Got home to four messages on the answerphone from my mum saying she needs to go home to clear the house ready for selling!  The interesting thing is that she now mainly seems to phone when we've gone away.  I told her we were going to watch Jake swim and, although I don't think for one moment she remembered the detail, I do think that subconsciously she knew we weren't at home and this made her anxious.  Have now rung the home and asked them to assure her that we're nowhere near selling (due in part to incompetent estate agents I feel but that's another story) then will talk to her about it when I see her later in the week.  So that's my mum.  Back in the house three times I've had to stop Ash unpacking a bag of dirty washing.  I kept putting it back in front of the machine and then before I could stop him he'd pick it up and start to carry it upstairs to put away.  I've finally  managed to get one load done and this load in so can relax and stop listening for those footsteps on the stairs.  Now looking out of the window and wondering whether it's cold enough and wet enough to justify lighting the fire.  Also feeling a sense of achievement over  this weekend and wondering how/what to learn from it.

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