Doing nothing is unhealthy

For the first time for as long as I can remember I have spent two days doing (almost) nothing.  Recent holidays don't count due to the need to be on 'red alert' at all times in order to head off any possible crises but being confined to home due to vile weather is a different matter.  At home Ash is generally relaxed and able to potter to his heart's content and mostly I don't have to worry about him so how has this panned out?  You'd think I'd be relaxed, stress free and able to just enjoy myself.  Instead I've developed my first cold in over three years, I feel completely exhausted and I have no idea what to do with myself.  You see?  doing nothing really isn't good for you.  On the plus side my office/retreat, although still a work in progress, has come into it's own.  I've been able to watch my favourite rubbish on the television, I've been able to shut the door and have a nap and I've been able to type this in peace.  Generally for Ash it's a case of 'out of sight, out of mind' so if I shut the door he forgets I'm here.  Very occasionally he remembers and opens the door to ask me a question but generally he occupies his own little world and sits at his computer or takes the dog for a walk and doesn't bother me so it's definitely not all bad.  I'm very hopeful that this is just something I have to go through and by tomorrow when the five and a half year old comes to visit I'll be back to normal so watch this space and see if I'm right.

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Sarah H said…
Big changes require a little adjustment. You’ll get there . . . and then wonder how you ever had time to fit in all the ‘grown up stuff’.
Enjoy the five and a half year old!
Lesley said…
I think that sometimes, although you don't feel good for stopping, having a bit of down time often pays dividends - I wouldn't mind betting you'll have more energy over the weekend as a result. Have fun!