I wore them!!

Last week I told you about my gorgeous new shoes; black, peep-toed court shoes with red poppies on them (if you missed the photo and would like to know what I'm talking about go to the post on 18/6/19 Shoes to Make me Smile).  One of my friends who knows about such things actually said she had shoe envy which did my self esteem the world of good and, as I was meeting her for lunch today, I said I would take them along with me so she could see them.  She replied 'don't bring them wear them' which was a major challenge to someone who habitually wears black or grey clothes along with flip flops so from that moment the shoes were staring at me every time I went in the bedroom, daring me to do it.  Sometimes I could feel their gaze through the bedroom floor into the sitting room below but every time I thought about it I went hot and cold.  Could I really bring myself to wear them and in the middle of the day and out for lunch?  I agonised for days then a couple of nights ago I mentioned my dilemma to another friend who is in a similar position to me in the dementia story.  I wondered, in an email, whether I was brave enough to do it; they were bright, they were high, they were smart and they definitely weren't flip flops.  Her reply?  'Of course you can do it, you're a dementia wife, you can do anything!'  Turns out she was right and I could.  AND not only did I wear the bright high heels (with black trousers and black top so not completely out of character) but I also matched them with a bright red cardigan.  I felt strange, I think I stood out and I know I felt good.   Both friends were right, friend 1 for daring me to do it and friend 2 for letting me know I'm capable of anything and without this dementia thing I would never have known that.

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Sarah H said…
Dementia definitely has its up sides! Can’t wait to see the shoes.
Ann said…
Good for you!

If life so far has taught me anything, it’s that the ‘rising’ to each and every challenge (both large and small) is both a test of our courage, and determination. You have these qualities in ‘bucketloads’ Jane, and you are an inspiration to us all!
Lesley said…
Nice one, Jane! Now, don't let them get dusty - a regular lunch with red shoes will be a tonic!