Rain rain and more rain

If you live in UK and you've looked out of the window recently you'll know that the weather is vile.  It's raining, raining and once again raining but, following a recent theme, things could be worse.  We live at the top of a slope, not a steep one but a slope all the same, which means we're not in danger of flooding; the rain gauge is still keeping Ash interested and occupied; the water running down the track in front of the house is brilliant to watch and, best of all, we have an open fire to snuggle in front of tonight if the rain continues.  The last is a source of great comfort as when the weather is awful I think there really is nothing than better than watching it all happen right outside the window as you're warm and snug inside.

In just over a week we're off to a wedding and last night I was discussing the weather forecast with the mother of the groom (and a great friend).  She, apparently, is off to buy silver wellies just in case the weather hasn't improved and that is exactly the attitude I'm cultivating so if anyone knows where I can buy cream or gold wellies (to go with my dress, and heels would be a bonus) please let me know.

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Lesley said…
Snazzy umberellas too?? Sounds fun!
Jane said…
hadn't thought about snazzy umbrellas. love that idea and will investigate.
Ann said…
Re: Wellies, check out EBay or Amazon sites Jane. I’m always amazed the things you can find on them. Alternatively you could try spraying some the colour your looking for.....can’t guarantee the colour will stay on though!

Good luck 😊