That self esteem thing again

I've written quite a lot about Ash's self esteem and how important it is to his well-being but I hadn't quite realised how important it is to mine too.  If you read yesterday's blog you'll have seen that I've now added lawn manager to my list of new roles/skills and, apart from the grass at the front where parallel stripes are apparently of great importance, I was allowed to mow the lawn.  In the scheme of things this was quite a small event but you have no idea how my self esteem soared this morning when I looked out of the window and saw all over again what I'd achieved with that machine even if it very nearly took my arms out of their sockets at the time.  In fact the whole garden is looking pretty good and that's something I never thought I would be able to manage so I'm feeling quite content with my life at the moment.  More importantly however this really has shown that attitude is everything.  At the beginning of all this, when Ash stopped taking any interest in his surroundings, I could have let the garden go to rack and ruin if I'd had the inclination.  I knew nothing about gardening and had no idea where to even start but you can give in or you can take control and I can sit out there now and know I really have accomplished something good.

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Lesley said…
Love that you're enjoying the garden - we might even be able to converse about plants now!! ;o) xx
Jane said…
Don't think that's likely. I'm still making it up as I go along and just hope for the best at all times whereas you actually know the names of plants!
Ann said…
...and you will continue to amaze yourself with new found skills and talents.....I promise. It’s happening to me!