Things I've learned over the past seven days

I am gaining many new skills as you may have noticed if you've been reading this for a while and there isn't a single one that would have come my way if dementia hadn't been lurking somewhere in the back ground so what did I learn last week?  I learned that no matter what Ash wants to do it's easier to let him;  that if the five and a half year old is around life is infinitely better; that friends and an amazing son are the best support a girl can have; that readers of this blog are also amazingly supportive; that it's easier if a new recipe has no more than five ingredients; that sometimes I need time to myself in order to clear my head; that it is possible to sort out a broadband extender by myself and, finally, that if I'm cooking with chilli peppers it's of the utmost importance to wear disposable gloves when chopping them up!  These are all things that in a previous life would have been Ash's domain so although dementia may have caused a huge amount of grief in our lives hand on heart I can say it's a (continuing) learning experience.

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Lesley said…
Broadband????!!!! RESPECT!
Sarah H said…
I second Lesley’s comment. Pl can you come and sort mine? 😁
Jane said…
I am very proud to say that because of my efforts we now have broadband in every room in the house without me having to punch the laptop or threaten to throw it out of the window!!