Could this get boring?

The peace and tranquility (with the occasional hiccup) continues and we've had yet another lovely weekend.  I did think it was all going to go pear shaped yesterday morning when there was a problem with Ash's computer but he managed to calm down so that we could go and spend the afternoon with Jake and the five and a half year old, an event that is guaranteed to bring a smile to all of our faces, and was still fine when we got home to find the computer problem persisted.  I promised to look at it today and that was all that was needed which was a great improvement on the past few weeks when the highest mountain would have been made out of the smallest mole hill and a crisis out of all proportion would have reared it's ugly head.  So we got through to this morning and I managed to fix the computer problem which not only gave a massive boost to my self esteem but also earned me lots and lots of brownie points so all was well in our world.  On top of that I spent the rest of the morning in my 'sanctuary' listening to the radio and reading the paper.  Have roused myself enough to do the smallest amount of cleaning and tidying, just enough to make me feel I've actually achieved something, and I now have the feeling that I might just survive this with my sanity intact.  Have to say that creating my own space in the house has been one of the best ideas I've ever had and I can highly recommend it.  Just having somewhere to retreat from life occasionally makes all the difference.

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