What happened today?

Every day I look at the number of post views for this blog and they're usually between 50 and 100 which makes me very happy.  Every so often those figures will go higher and usually that's when Kate from YoungdementiaUK has sent out her newsletter (www.youngdementiauk.org).  Once or twice the blog has been quoted elsewhere and the numbers have gone up but mostly they hover between 50 and 100.  So what happened today?  I logged on at 6.30am expecting to see the number 6 or something similar (the number creeps up through the day) and I see 901!!!!  Then I look to see where in the world those people are viewing from and it appears there are 871 of you reading this in Israel.  How exciting but why?  I'd love to know where you found me and how.

Carrying on from all that I looked further at the stats and it appears that from the time I started writing this there have been readers from UK, Israel, US, France, Germany, Croatia, Australia, Belgium. Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, Ireland and New Zealand (as well as 139 from somewhere called 'unknown region').  Isn't that amazing?  All those people (21,997 views in total) in all those countries and each one wanting to know more about dementia; how to live with it, how to cope, how to make the best of life and how to make a difference.  We may all live in different parts of the world but dementia doesn't discriminate, it doesn't affect people from one country but not another.  We're all in the same boat and isn't it wonderful that we're all here for each other?

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Ann said…
‘Strength in numbers’.....

I wouldn’t wish Dementia on my worst enemy, but it’s good to know we’re not alone!