I love this blog!

Since my post yesterday on the trials and tribulations of having a wood fire I've had advice and offers of help from several people which is all brilliant.  One email which really got my attention told me about lightweight chainsaws and I immediately began the research.  A message came through with an offer of help if Ash wouldn't show me what to do so, if I can work out how to get the lesson without him knowing, that will be really helpful.  Both of those are excellent starters in this new part of our adventure and have fired me with enthusiasm and a knowledge that I 'can do this'.  However just as I get all excited and ready to begin Ash comes through to talk to me about the wood situation and when I said that it was important to keep the wood we already had he agreed and said he'd start chopping/sawing/collecting.  This means that I'll have to wait to put my plan into practice but it gives me a little more time to get myself ready and while I'm waiting I can wallow in the feeling of support I'm getting from everyone around me.

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Lesley said…
So pleased to hear Ash's enthusiasm for log-work is back. I hope it lasts but at least if it is sporadic you have yourself set up for yet another new skill - very impressive!
Ann said…
Positive news all round Jane! 😃
Jane said…
Not quite set up for the new skill but at least feeling positive about achieving it and also feel better about having a plan in place.