I'm not the only one

Through writing this blog I'm discovering again and again that it's not just me going through all of this emotion, through the highs and lows; the good, the bad and the ugly; the great memories; the laughter and the tears.  Each person with dementia is different to every single other person with the same diagnosis but the feelings experienced by those sharing that life are frequently recognisable by others in a similar position.  Often I write a post and then think everyone's going to assume I'm going mad or being selfish or not being supportive enough and  suddenly, out of the blue, I'll get an email saying 'I feel as though that's my life you're describing' and you have no idea how much better that makes me feel.  It really isn't just me that goes through feelings of panic every so often, who is sometimes exhausted just through trying to stay positive, who wonders what happened to the best friend she planned to grow old with, who now shares her life with a stranger and who is determined to retain some sense of self through all of this.  There seems to be quite an army of us so, as there is strength in numbers, when you're feeling down and on the edge of the precipice remember as I do that you're not the only one.  I find it helps.

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Ann said…
‘Mad, Selfish, Not supportive enough’ are words that NO-ONE could use to describe you Jane. Absolutely not!

Thank you for writing this blog. I don’t think you realise just how many people you are helping. Thank goodness there are the Jane’s of this world, who truly understand, are honest enough to admit to the struggles they face AND come up with practical solutions (whenever possible).

Keep blogging Jane!