Which memories?

This memory business is a strange thing I've decided.  I have a friend with two siblings and she says her mum is fascinated with the way they each remember events from their childhood in completely different ways.  I talked about memories a couple of days ago and got brilliant tips on how to spark them to get conversation going which made me think about those memories all over again.  After 43 years together we obviously have lots but what I've come to realise is that the memories which are significant to me aren't the same as those which are significant to Ash.  Mine if I'm honest mostly revolve around holidays (almost all of which have been special in one way or another) and things we've done together and/or with Jake when he was growing up.  Thinking about it though the memories which mean the most to Ash are his time in the police (which spanned 32 years and led him into some unusual situations) and the work he's done on this particular house which in parts has been quite epic.  That last is interesting as he also did quite a lot on the first house we bought together and at a time when he knew very little about DIY but it's this house which means the most to him.  As a result of all these musings I'm going to sort through photos of all the changes he's made over the years and see what discussions we get out of them.  There are hundreds so that should keep me occupied well into next year.


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