Confusion caused by numbers

You may have to focus a little more than usual today folks as I think this is going to sound slightly confused as a story.  Important dates for you to remember when reading are:

11th September (UK date) - our wedding anniversary
9/11 (US date) - our wedding anniversary but also the date of the dreadful terrorist attacks on New York.  We always say that our anniversary is on '9/11'
19th October - my birthday

This morning while drinking the usual cup of tea in bed I said 'it's my birthday soon'.  Ash said he knew that so I told him what I would like for my birthday (having my 'sanctuary' decorated) and that Jake and the nearly 6 year old were coming to stay for the weekend.  Ash instantly looked confused and asked when they were arriving.  I was equally confused as my birthday is on a Saturday this year so said 'they're coming for my birthday'.  Turns out he thought my birthday was tomorrow and that our anniversary was in October.  This apparently was because there are too many 1s and 9s in both the dates.  Luckily his remembering my birthday didn't mean he'd remembered to get me anything and as I had completely forgotten about our anniversary we decided together that there was no point in us both going to the local supermarket to buy the other a card so instead we're taking the dog for a walk on the beach and then going to our favourite beach cafe for lunch.  At least he'd got some sort of handle on my birthday so all is not yet lost to dementia.  I, on the other hand, have no excuse for forgetting our 37th wedding anniversary.

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Karen said…
Happy Anniversary! Have a lovely day 💐
Ann said…
Your anniversary plans sound lovely. Have a wonderful day Jane & Ash. 💗
Jane said…
Thank you. Didn't go quite as expected but then things rarely do I'm finding.