Getting carried away in the garden

Got a little carried away in the garden with a set of loppers this morning resulting in the exposure of a rickety wooden fence created by Ash around 30 years ago.  That piece of fencing doesn't quite cover the ugly corrugated iron panel behind it so isn't looking at it's best right now but the whole thing has given me an idea for planting and I'm looking forward to next spring when I can put new garden plans into action.  This is such a leap forward from my previous gardening position of letting Ash do it all (or, in recent years, leaving it to run wild) that I'm quite taken aback by my enthusiasm.  The other lovely thing though about all this outdoor activity is that Ash comes out too and always seems to find something to do.  At first, when dementia started to creep up on us, he would spend hours sitting in a chair staring into space leaving all his usual jobs undone.   I got cross because I thought he was getting old before his time and he had no idea what to do because he didn't know where to start.  However now that I've started to do things outside I've noticed he's getting some of his interest back in life outside the house.  Leaves are collected up, sticks are chopped, logs are split and the dog is taken on increasingly long walks.  We still have a few difficulties when it's pouring with rain but we're certainly in a better place than we were this time last year and all because I'm putting in a little bit of effort.

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