Sometimes there's a very reasonable explanation

The nearly 6 year old has a tiny fridge in his bedroom here so that, if he wakes at some unearthly hour, he can get his own breakfast using the milk in that fridge and the cereal he stashes away just for that purpose.  He also has a favourite bowl and jug.  The first two mornings went swimmingly but then on Thursday night when I went to get the bowl and jug to put up in his room they were nowhere to be seen.  I've mentioned before that Ash has begun to put things in odd places so, as he'd cleared the pots away that morning, I searched high and low.  I emptied cupboards, I looked through drawers, I checked the bin but still nothing.  Not a problem (they're not our only bowl and jug) but irritating all the same.  I put it all to the back of my mind however and kitted out the breakfast area with alternatives.  Next morning I opened the door on the dishwasher and there were those favourites, sitting meekly waiting to be washed!  So the answer isn't always 'dementia' sometimes there's a rational explanation and maybe in future I'll try that first.

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