Yesterday, today and tomorrow - the ups and downs of life

Went to see my mum yesterday and discovered that she still has the power to amaze me.  I'd been sent a resident/family satisfaction survey and had printed off a copy to go through with her.  She was more than happy with everything and is completely settled apparently but then we had the following exchange:

Mum:  I do wish I hadn't had to give up quite so soon.
Me:  Give up what?
Mum:  (waving her hand around) everything ('and come to live here' was the inference).
Me:  You moved in here 3 days before your 90th birthday Mum which I really don't think counts as giving up too soon!

Today I'm at home and it's been a funny sort of day.  Ash started out full of beans and ready to re-stick two of the carpet treads on the stairs.  He knew what tape he needed, where to get it from and eagerly planned the trip to fetch it.  Fast forward to this afternoon and confusion covered his face as he stood looking at the stairs trying to work out how to pick up those pieces of carpet, remove the tape that was underneath them and replace it with the new.  I think this is one of the things I find so difficult, seeing him starting the day in one way and then watching the ups and downs not only of his mood swings but of his abilities and never quite knowing when to step in and when to step back.  Those carpet treads are now in place but the effort involved has exhausted him so much that he's been slumped in front of the tv since 4pm.

To counteract all that I'm now looking forward to crossing off the list another National Trust property tomorrow during a day out with friends.  We plan to be out the whole day and are as usual travelling into another county for our adventure.  This will be our sixth visit in the last four months and an added bonus to my days out is my decision to buy a plant  in each place we visit.  That way next year (as long as I manage to keep them alive) I'll be able to look around the garden and remember where we went.

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