A day of pure relaxation

Last Christmas Ash (for Ash read 'Jake') organised a voucher for me for a day spa just over an hour's drive from us.  He's done this before and this would be my 4th visit in 5 years so I knew what was in store.  What I didn't realise was how much I needed it.  As usual lots of planning had to go into a full day away from home as I thought about the least stressful scenario for Ash.  What I really wanted to do was be there when it opened at 9am and stay until at least 6.30pm but with travelling time that would have meant being out of the house before he got up and getting home way after tea time so that wasn't an option.  Instead I arrived at 10 and left at 4.30 which actually helped me to relax as I knew I didn't have to worry about him (well not too much).  I may have said already that finances are tight at the moment so what I had to spend was totally reliant on the value of the vouchers but I'd booked myself the spa day, breakfast and a 'foot smoothie' (whatever that was).  Lunch was also included so I set off knowing that I was going to be well fed if nothing else.  One thing I was interested to find out was whether I could spend the day in a towelling robe.  I've never managed it before but wondered if that was because I was always ultra stressed and exhausted  when I went so you might be interested to hear that I really couldn't do it.  I tried.  I got my swimming costume on, donned the bath robe and went for a wander.  Lasted about 15 minutes before I went back to my locker and changed into the leggings and vest I'd taken with me.  Maybe I'm still stressed but I think it's more to do with my childhood when I had to be up in a morning and helping my mum.  We are all products of our upbringing I feel!  When I first arrived the receptionist tried to give me an activities programme but I waved it away.  I really was there to relax not to get all hot and sweaty doing something I hate just because I felt I ought to.  In fact the most energetic thing I did all day was get into the amazingly warm swimming pool and propel myself up and down its length a few time.  Other than that I spent a lot of the day asleep in the slumber room or upstairs in the gorgeously comfy conservatory reading my book.  No conversation, no compromising on what to do, no decisions to be made, just pure relaxation and time to be me.  Breakfast and lunch were both delicious and the 'foot smoothie' was calm and relaxing.  The only hesitaion I had was when they gave me a form to complete prior to the foot thing where they asked why I'd chosen it.  Did I write 'because it was the cheapest treatment on the list' or was that a little too much information for them?  In the end I told them it was because I wanted smooth feet (definitely not a lie, just not the whole truth)!  Came home relaxed, stuffed with food and a feeling that all I wanted to do was stretch out on the sofa in front of the fire for the evening.  I even had something in the fridge for Ash's tea which only required a plate and a microwave so hardly had to pause on my way to the sofa.

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