Gardening adventures bring out the best in us.

Considering the disastrous start to yesterday things actually turned out ok mostly due of course to the magic surrounding a so nearly 6 year old.  We went to the garden centre and braved the Christmas shop, had food and drink in the coffee shop, looked at the toys, discovered they also sold plants (who knew?), bought bulbs then came home ready to plant them.  One of the joys of gardening with a so nearly 6 year old I'm discovering is that knowing nothing is a help rather than a hindrance.  Out in the garden after lunch the first two bags of bulbs we chose to begin with were similar so we decided to mix them together and then plant them in groups as per the instructions in one of my new books.  I then went to clear another space to plant the next lot and returned to find the so nearly 6 year old had tipped out another two bags of bulbs and mixed those up too but I don't know what they were.  As a result I have no idea what we planted where but, unlike a proper gardener, I didn't have a plan in the first place so it really doesn't matter and we're both now waiting for spring to see what comes up, where it comes up and what it's all going to look like.  An added bonus came when Ash, seeing us out there and busy, got the mower from the shed and got to work making the lawn look good for the winter so, contrary to expectation, we finished the day on a high.  Note to self: 'it's not the beginning of the day that matters but the end'.

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Lesley said…
Absolutely brilliant! And waiting for bulbs to come up is one of the highlights of my year so well done to the so-nearly-six-year-old for adding in a bit of magic into that - how exciting!