Life gets just a little more complicated

A few weeks ago, you may remember, we went grocery shopping only for Ash to get confused at the self checkout and I had to hand him the items for him to scan.  Since then we've used a manned checkout with great success and little stress until, that is, today.  Today we joined the checkout queue and Ash stood watching the belt empty before his eyes without putting any of our items onto it.  I lasted a few minutes before I began to hand things to him and then we were back on track but it's just one more notch on the bedpost of dementia and I'm beginning to feel I'm losing the war.  Add to that the fact that Social Services seem to have lost some important paperwork I sent in August with regard to my mum and her finances but hadn't managed to tell me and you can see this hasn't been a particularly good day.  Having said that the lady I spoke to regarding the lost paperwork was lovely, told me to keep my chin up and promised someone would ring me back.  They haven't but at least it felt, briefly, as though someone in authority cared.

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Ann said…
My heart goes out to you Jane. You’re not alone. Thinking about you and wishing for a better day today....and tomorrow....and next will happen, I promise!