On a lighter note

On a lighter note than yesterday I thought I'd give you an update on the garden.  Last week if you remember I, along with the so nearly 6 year old, planted bulbs.  There were lots of them and we managed to plant the vast majority but he got bored so yesterday I decided to get the rest of them into the soil.  I made the first set of holes, put the bulbs in and then started to cover them up at which point I managed to uncover some of the bulbs I planted with him!  We hadn't marked where we'd put what (and anyway he'd mixed packets together so in some cases I had absolutely no idea) and now in certain parts of the garden we obviously have bulbs planted on top of other bulbs so who knows what'll happen now.  Spring 2020 will certainly be interesting as far as the flower beds are concerned.

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Lesley said…
Haven't you heard? A 'bulb lasagne' is very trendy these days!!
Jane said…
Am pleased to hear it. I'm beginning to despair!