Organisation is the key (I hope)

We're going away for a few days with friends so it's been planning, planning, planning all the way.  I've dropped the odd comment over the past few days all of which have been taken well and Ash has come up with some suggestions of his own so, stupidly, I thought it would all be plain sailing (and you'd think I really would know better by now).   Cut to this morning and I mentioned on waking that we were leaving after lunch.  No hurry, everything organised but still he went into full panic mode and we had to get up right there and then.  This was obviously going to be harder than I thought so the planned morning walk with friends was cancelled and all energy, spare and otherwise, was put into calming things down so that we actually got into the truck after lunch and set off.   We're now halfway through the morning and things are better.  The cool bag is packed; Ash's sandwich filling is mixed so that he can have his usual lunch every day; all the ingredients are in the food box so he can have his usual breakfast every morning; his clothes are packed in the usual matching sets; his laptop and camera are packed so he can upload his daily photos as usual; the clock telling us the day, date and time is packed so that when he wakes up it will help to anchor him; the radio, set to our usual station, is packed so that we can listen to the breakfast show before we get up; all of the dog's stuff is in one bag so we know where to find it (and he knows he's coming with us so is very excited) and I think that's it.  However, from experience I know that I'll have forgotten something but those, I think, are the things which will help Ash relax while he's away from home so fingers crossed it all works out.  You may hear from me but if not normal service will resume at the weekend.

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Ann said…
Well done Jane 😃! Hope you both have a lovely, peaceful time.