A walk clears my head

Woke up this morning at 6.30 am and foolishly thought 'I'll get up and make a cup of tea in a minute'.  BIG mistake.  Next time I opened my eyes it was 7.35 and Ash was in a vile mood because he was out of routine.  Sometimes (and for some utterly unknown reason) when he's in a bad mood first thing I ask him if he's ok and then get a tirade about how he's been awake for hours not daring to move in case he wakes me up and how he's completely out of routine and it's all my fault.  I really couldn't cope with that this morning so I ignored the black looks and the grumpiness instead going downstairs to make the tea and then climbing back into bed and lying there silently waiting for it all to pass.  By the time he got up things seemed to be on a more even keel and then I put on my walking gear and went out to meet a friend for our now regular ramble through the Lincolnshire Wolds so have no idea how his morning went.  I got back at lunchtime and all the difficulties of this morning seemed to have been forgotten which just goes to show that memory loss on one side of a relationship can be hugely beneficial to all concerned.  The whole episode also made me realise that sometimes it's better to distance myself from whatever's happening, to switch off and put myself first.  The walk cleared my head, the conversation helped me focus on the moment and the mud, which at one point shot up the front of my leg covering the front of my trousers, gave Ash something to comment on when I got home three hours later.  The only downside is that he's decided to teach me how to use a compass which is such a bad idea I'm going to instantly push it to the back of my mind.

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