Bad weather and dark afternoons

Have had a lovely day out with friends today visiting one of our 'local' (2 hour round trip but one of the nearest) National Trust properties to see the Christmas decorations.  Left home at  9.30 am after writing out one of my, by now regular, large notices telling Ash where I was going to be and what time I was going to be back.  These have worked really well the last few times I've been out but I got home to be met with a white faced and confused husband who struggled to string his sentences together.  The note did work to a point and he could tell me where I'd been so wasn't worried as he has been in the past but he was most definitely confused and struggling to talk.  I really do think it's the foul weather we're having and the fact that it was almost dark when I came through the door at 4pm but I also know I have to keep an eye on it all just to make sure.  Tomorrow am going walking with a friend (apparently in the rain - what fun) but only out for the morning so will see if that makes a difference.  I have my fingers crossed as, each time I think my outings are about to be curtailed, we've both rallied and it's been ok but who knows.  What I do think is that bad weather, dark days and dementia really don't mix.

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