Decorating, and whose brilliant idea was that?

Since my work hours have dwindled almost to zero and I'm relaxing into being at home I've found I can get to the end of the day having achieved absolutely nothing.  Friends think I'm exaggerating when I say this but I promise it's true.  I potter about all morning and suddenly it's lunch time, then I sit down to write this and suddenly it's time to start cooking tea.  In amongst this I walk, meet up with friends and garden (only in nice weather though).  The days, as you can see, fly by in a whirl of activity.   When I first reduced those work hours I sorted out my office and turned the room into my sanctuary, a place I could escape to when I needed to clear my head, but then I began to notice that it needed decorating so, for my birthday, I bought paint.  That was a month ago and the decorating is one of the things I have failed to achieve on a daily basis.  Ash however has mentioned it a couple of times over the past two weeks - 'I think I'll start that decorating tomorrow' - and I've nodded my head safe in the knowledge that it wouldn't happen.  Except today it has and my stress levels are currently through the roof.  When reading the rest of this post please remember that I was willing to do the decorating myself but it seems it wasn't to be and instead Ash, who used to be a champion decorator, not particularly neat (you can find paint splashes in almost all rooms in the house) but quick and thorough, was going to do it for me.  The woodwork in the room is ok because it's all the same colour and it was completed, if not quite as quickly as it once would have been but completed nevertheless, in a morning.  This afternoon has been a different kettle of fish mainly because I wanted all four walls painted in the yellow that previously only one wall had been done in and this scrambled his brain for a while.  Eventually he came to terms with it all but the effort pushed everything else out of his head so instead of using the usual paint pad he got a brush and I have to tell you that yellow paint is now on the cream door frames, on the cream skirting board and, somehow, on the cream ceiling.  This room remember is supposed to be my sanctuary, how calming it will be when the decorating is finally finished is anyone's guess but for now I'm going to take the dog for a walk and leave him to it.

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Lesley said…
We decorated the hall this week, so I can sympathise! I think I might have mentioned, just once or twice in the past, how much I loathe decorating - yup, still hate it!!
Jan said…
I was thinking of writing a book:- The Pitfalls of DIY & Dementia
Having just moved to somewhere that needs work it really is the most stressful thing, if I ask for a hammer I will be passed a saw etc.,
You can feel your blood pressure rising but too be honest its too much pressure on Kirk now
I agree its like time is no longer on your side as the day flies by