Just chilling

You may have noticed that I've been a little lax in the blog posting department the last couple of days but I promise there's been a 'good' reason for it rather than life getting me down again.  On Friday I had lunch with two friends I've know for approximately 50 years.  You know, the ones you don't have to explain yourself too, the ones who know almost everything there is to know about you (some of which you wish they'd forget) and the ones you can talk to about absolutely anything and everything.  We used to get together every couple of years or so and then came Ash's diagnosis and we all realised how short life really is so now see each other every couple of months.  We meet for the longest lunches and never run out of things to say which is exactly what happened on Friday when we looked up and noticed that it was dark outside and time to go home.  Definitely no time to write the blog when I got back as I was instantly pitched into cooking a meal I had no wish to eat (still full from lunch).  Then yesterday Jake and the 6 year old arrived to spend a couple of days with Ash so that I could have some time to myself.  I set off for Mum's empty house and revelled in the silence, the lack of responsibility and the evening free of quiz shows.  I read, listened to music, cooked a ready-meal for one and felt myself relaxing.  I have wondered a few times what I'll do when the house is sold and I can't use it as my place of retreat but mentioned it to Jake and he pointed out that, as I can't escape unless he's with Ash, we can just swap places and I can stay at his house.  He's also promised to clean it before I go!  There are so many times I count myself lucky to have him around and have no idea what we'd do without him.  As the saying goes 'Happiness is when you realise your children have turned out to be good people'.

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Lesley said…
Glad you've had a lovely few days. Here's to a relaxing week too - hold that thought!