Still learning

You'll be pleased to know that yesterday evening when I was out passed uneventfully so it seems that, as long as we eat before I leave the house and that I make sure he's settled into the usual evening routine, I can still have the occasional night out.  It's not that I go out a lot you understand.  Opportunities for living it up in the wilds of the Lincolnshire Wolds are a little limited even if I had the energy but it's nice to know I can go if I want to and it's been yet another learning experience.  In fact almost every day since we discovered ourselves in the very centre of this adventure has been a learning experience and that isn't a bad thing.  I've learnt so much about how to keep life calm, how to make the best of what we've got and how to live in the moment.  I know I fail on a regular basis but somehow I always manage to pick myself up and move forward and in the process Ash is definitely happier than he's been for a long time.

He's also, I'm learning, still capable of certain DIY jobs if he's not hurried or hassled and if I can refrain from giving unwanted (and often useless) advice.  This morning I noticed that one of the wall cupboards in the kitchen seemed to be coming away from the wall.  I wondered whether to mention it in case panic set in but I really didn't want either of us to be underneath/in front of it at the very moment it let go of it's grip on the wall especially as it was full of crockery and I could see us being battered and bruised by falling plates and bowls.  Few of them match so it wouldn't be a great loss on the crockery front but equally I remembered my economy drive and couldn't see how having to buy a whole new dining set could possibly fit into that.  Anyway I tentatively mentioned the gap between the wall and the cupboard and before I'd got any further the drill was out, a wooden baton was found and the whole thing was back in place by the time I got back from a walk with the dog (remember not giving unwanted advice?  The walk was to get myself out of the way before I forgot that particular resolution).

Anyway the cupboard is now securely fastened, it's restocked with unbroken (albeit non matching) crockery, Ash is feeling very pleased with himself and all is right in our world once again.

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Lesley said…
Loved this! And I bet the dog is enjoying all these extra walks too!
Jane said…
He certainly enjoyed himself yesterday as Ash didn't take my long walk into account so it was extra to the two that he does. I don't take him on the other walks though as having Max around helps to keep Ash anchored and if he's out on a walk with me for any length of time there's confusion all round. Yet another angle to be considered and covered.