It's all over.  Decorations are put away, life is back to normal and you have no idea how much better I feel.  Catch-up with a friend yesterday, walk with another this morning and cup of tea with yet another this afternoon have all set me back on the road to recovery.  Add to that a spot of ball throwing for the dog out in the sunshine before lunch and you can see that life is looking up.  The problem with Christmas I've decided is that it brings so much expectation in it's wake and with dementia that's never a good thing but in this house you can't keep a girl down for long so I'm now looking forward to 2020 with hope and enthusiasm.  I don't make New Year resolutions on the basis that it's a bit like the minute you've started a diet and immediately want to eat pizza and chocolate - what you can't have or what you can't do are the things you most want in the world at that moment.  Add to that the fact that I have little staying power or commitment to a cause and you can see that resolutions are never a good idea where I'm concerned but I do promise that in the next 12 months each time I fall over  I will pick myself up and carry on; each time I get despondent I will give myself a shake and take a step forward; each time I look back and wish for what we once had I will turn my head towards the sunshine and be grateful for what I still have.  That, as far as I can see, really is the only way to live and certainly the only way to move into a new decade.

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Anonymous said…
You're amazing happy new year to u both xx
Jane said…
Not sure about amazing but I really, really hate being miserable and I'm the only person who can make sure I'm not. Happy New Year to you too.
dasntn said…
Hi Jane
wishing you the best New Year that you can have. I find this a harder time than Christmas.
I think my wife's dementia probably started around 2010, and was clear by 2013, so I guess this is the end of the first decade with it in my families life. Hard to want to celebrate tonight. Who knows what the future will bring? What I do know is that I look forward to reading your posts - they give me strength, and I look forward to more of them in 2020.
all the best
Jane said…
Thanks David and I hope you got through the evening. We used to party on New Years Eve and then were often invited to friend's for a meal but haven't had any real traditions around the date for several years so think that's why I don't find it a struggle as I do with Christmas. Anyway here's to 2020 and let's hope we all keep a sense of humour however dark and a feeling of support from those around us.