Christmas preparations so far

Christmas preparations for this year have so far been a revelation.  I've written the cards and wrapped the first two presents all by myself and I can't quite believe how simple it's been.  No working out when we can both sit down to do things together, no waiting for instructions on where to cut the paper and how to put the sellotape on just pick a moment and get on with it in what ever order I like.  Last year, I realise, I was still trying to stick to what I thought of as 'normal' and then, because is wasn't quite as usual, it didn't sit comfortably with either of us  but this year acceptance of the whole situation has led to a new way of doing things and it's been lovely to find it so relaxing.  I was a little worried that Ash would want to help and then get frustrated with it all but he walked into the kitchen as I was (badly) wrapping those first two presents and he didn't even notice so I know now I really can just carry on and get it all done.  Think the presents, by the time I've finished with them, will create a pile of interesting shapes rather than the neat results Ash could always produce but it will all add to the excitement as people try to guess what they are.

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Anonymous said…
I only hope that I can be as strong mentally and physically as you. My darling wife who is only 57 having being diagnosed with dementia is still with me at the moment but the thought of the changes that I have read about and indeed witnessed with a close friend terrifies me

Jane said…
I'm not sure how far into this you are but it's taken me two years to get to this point so it really doesn't happen overnight even if you're the most optimistic and patient person in the world. If you haven't yet read it then I suggest investing in 'Contented Dementia' by Oliver James. That book and Contented Dementia Trust saved my sanity and helped to get me here. please feel free to email me at any time at