De-icing the windscreen

It was a frosty start to the morning:

Ash:  'are you going out in the car this morning'?
Me:  'yes, in about half and hour'
Ash:  'do you want the windscreen de-icing'?
Me:  'that would be brilliant.  The scraper's in your truck'.
Ash:  'do you want the car starting as well'?
Me:  'no thanks, I'll do that later'.
Ash:  'so you just want the windscreen clearing'?
Me:  'yes please, that would be great'.
Ash:  'shall I spray it and scrape it'?
Me:  'yes please, the scraper's in your truck'
Ash:  Silence followed by 'So shall I just scrape it and spray it'?
Me:  'yes please'.

Then confusion as he stares at the two sets of keys, one for my car and one for his truck.

Me:  'would you mind spraying the windscreen of my car to clear the frost'?
Ash:  'Ok' and off he went.

Really can't believe it took me so long to understand how to play that particular scenario.

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