Great times with friends

Yesterday morning was spent doing a three and a half hour hike (have you noticed they're getting longer by the week?) with one friend getting home in time for a shower and a quick lunch before heading back out to meet another friend for coffee, cheese scone and a catch up.  Neither of these two things were connected with dementia and instead topics of conversation over the day covered education, autism, dyslexia, 'Just William' (stories by Richmal Crompton) politics, the amazing views over the countryside, job hunting, Christmas, holidays in general, Japan in particular, travel, carrots(??), the NHS, New Year, my mum, films, children and other subjects that were equally interesting but now lost in the mists of time.   At the end of yesterday I felt completely invigorated and realised all over again how important it is to escape occasionally and find other things to think/talk about.  Am now just waiting for yet another friend to collect me so that we can go and see the Christmas decorations at our local National Trust property.  We went a couple of weeks ago to one of the bigger houses and were distinctly underwhelmed but have high hopes for this one so will let you know how it turns out.  I think it's all too easy to let our difficult circumstances take over my life and to allow them to become all consuming.  I don't always succeed but have come to realise the importance of pushing my woes to one side as often as I can so I can focus on what else is happening in the world and, when I do, I find I feel so much better.

Oh, and I do know this can't last forever.  I know there will come a time when I can't just go out leaving Ash on his own but I'm putting together a plan for when we get to that point.  Just because I can't get out into the world won't mean I can't invite the outside world in but I will have to organise myself in order to make sure it happens.

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