How many dish cloths does it take .......

.... to wash a sink full of pots?  Actually it's never even a sink full as we have a dish washer but nevertheless we begin each week with one clean cloth then, within a couple of hours, another has joined it.  This has been going on for a while now and, as they're changed regularly throughout the week, we've already been getting through more than I would have thought possible.  This week we hit a record however when the number on the side of the sink crept up to three and today when I looked there were four!!  I took them quietly away to put in the wash bin and put one clean one out then the next time I looked there were two of them again and it's driving me crazy.  What's wrong with having one out at a time and why do they keep multiplying?  As reported in previous posts other things in the house disappear (I never did find the washing up liquid or the fire lighters) but dish cloths seem to pile up with increasing regularity.   At least now if there ever comes a time when I seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth someone may think to look underneath the enormous mountain of dish cloths rising from the kitchen floor.

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