Onward and upward

Yesterday, for a variety of reasons and not all of them dementia related, was a bad day but I've decided to let it all wash over me and start again.  What I forgot to tell you last week was that something else I wrote has been included in the Young Dementia UK newsletter and on their website.  In the newsletter Kate very kindly says that my last contribution was so well received that they asked me to write for them again but in reality I'm enjoying the writing so much I asked her to let me send in a contribution for each of their next 6 issues and because she's obviously a very lovely person she agreed.  If you want to read my thoughts on 'Christmas with Dementia' then click on this link https://www.youngdementiauk.org/christmas-with-dementia.  Once on the website you can read other stories written by family members which are fascinating so why not have a look.

So now it's onward and upward towards the big day which won't be quite as big as usual but will be ok.  The pork is wrapped in whatever makes the crackling (courtesy of M & S) along with the instructions which tell me it will only take 50 minutes to cook, the potatoes and veg are waiting to be peeled and 'lunch' is to be at 5pm to give me plenty of time to go and see my mum before spending a relaxing afternoon in front of the tv (something unheard of in Christmases of the past).  I'm still trying to decide between Love Actually and The Holiday for my afternoon viewing.  I couldn't make up my mind but met a friend in the village a little while ago and we decided between us that there's no reason for me not to watch both, one after the other, so that's what I'm aiming for.  In case you think, reading this, that I'm a saint I'd just like to say that not in a million years would I choose this Christmas over the ones of old when lots of us drank champagne, sang carols round the lunch table and then settled down in front of a roaring fire to play games until midnight.  I will really, really miss that this year but I know Ash won't cope and, because there's no point going into this being a martyr to the cause, here's to a very different kind of Christmas which, with the help of Mr Marks and Mr Spencer, will do very nicely thank you.

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Lesley said…
Great article, Jane. xx
Jane said…
Thanks. have a lovely Christmas.