Sense of humour still intact

Went to see my mum today for an early Christmas celebration with Jake and the 6 year old.  Bit sticky first thing when Ash decided he wasn't coming but I just agreed and then said it was a shame as he'd miss the 6 year old opening his present (Lego) from mum.  That made him prick his ears up and have a rethink so off we went.  Had a lovely time with lunch in the 'bar' at the home complete with crackers and Christmas napkins but the best part was when Ash was the first among us to notice that Bob Dylan was playing on the radio.  Not only that but he was also the first person to realise that 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' is probably the most inappropriate song ever to play in a care home full of 80 and 90 year olds.  Luckily it all went over mum's head and for a short time, as we shared a family sense of humour, it was like turning the clock back.

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