Now here's a strange thing.  Yesterday I reported lying in bed in (fleeting) despair at the lack of physical contact between the two of us, how Ash hadn't responded when I reached for his hand and how the emotional connection we used to have in abundance had disappeared.  This morning I found a friend had emailed me to say that last week when she was over she noticed Ash touching the back of my neck as he walked past.  The weird thing is not just that I'd forgotten but that I hadn't even noticed and I wondered how often that has happened over the past two years while I've been feeling sorry for myself.   I think sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our difficulties that we can miss the good times, those fleeting moments that make life more manageable and by doing that we're really writing the story of our lives as we see it rather than how it actually is.

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Unknown said…
Ash touching you affectionately in passing is normal, the absence of it is abnormal for your relationship, that's why you remember the absence. That's my theory anyway xx
Jane said…
That makes perfect sense and now I don't feel so bad about the whole thing. Thank you.