Avoiding brain atrophy

I may have given up work and I may think my life isn't as exciting as it once was but looking back over this last week I'm certainly avoiding being bored.  Monday saw me walking with a friend when we went from the front door, across the fields to the next village and then back via a green lane I haven't used before.  We were out in the sunshine for two hours and followed it up with a coffee when we got back; Tuesday saw another walk with another friend this time out for over two hours covering yet another area of the Lincolnshire Wolds and this time discovering a small hamlet at the end of a dead-end lane that I'd always wondered about but never visited.  Very little sunshine this time but still amazing views and wonderful buildings that we could look up when we went for coffee afterwards; Wednesday involved a trip to my mum's where I unearthed a photo of Ash and me I'd forgotten all about.  There was no reaction when I showed it to him which wasn't quite what I would have liked but it did remind me of a less stressful time of our lives when Jake was younger and we thought we had a lifetime together ahead of us;  yesterday was grocery shopping day which went without a hitch (always something to be celebrated) and then tea and a chat with a friend in the afternoon and today has been lunch out with two more friends where we seemed to laugh for three hours solid even when talking politics.  Life is obviously not exactly as I would like it but it could certainly be worse and I think it might be an example of that saying 'life is what you make it'.

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