Brain not functioning

My brain is in a fog today.  On one of the few days when I had to be somewhere at a specific time I overslept which for me has a similar affect to not sleeping at all.  On top of that just before lunch I sat down to complete some forms for the local council regarding funding for mum's care home and didn't understand a word I was reading.  This isn't unusual when reading something from the council but it all seemed to make even less sense than normal so I phoned them.  Good job I did as it appears there'd been a mistake in their calculations and that all my recent sleepless nights had been somewhat unnecessary.  Three or four phone calls later and I think it may be sorted although I won't breathe easily until I have their promises in writing however what really floored me was Ash listening into the phone calls and then saying 'I hope I go into a home before you as I'd never be able to figure this all out'.  Those of you sharing (or having shared) a life with someone living with dementia will understand why this threw me.  I thought he didn't really understand the seriousness of what's happening to him but this was actual proof and I wasn't quite ready for it. Having thought about it however I realised that his comment shows that he feels safe and secure at this moment and that's all that really matters.

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