Keeping all the plates spinning

You may have noticed the lack of a blog post yesterday and that's because my day went into freefall mid morning.  Plans had included a leisurely hair cut for both of us followed by a leisurely coffee followed by a leisurely drive over to see my mum.  Instead, although we managed the leisurely visit to the hairdressers, the rest of the day consisted of a mad drive over to my mum's house to sort something out before a house viewing then a mad dash to visit mum before driving home in the dark, cooking tea and collapsing in front of the tv.  As you can see, no time for a blog post.  Today is almost as bad but there are chunks of calm hence this report while I have a gap.  We began with the weekly grocery shop but it's Friday not Thursday so Ash didn't cope well.  I stayed calm but I won't lie, it was a bit of a struggle.  Got home and phoned the surgery regarding a cough that began when Ash was given tablets to lower his blood pressure but has got gradually worse and now it's keeping both of us awake at night.  The GP has prescribed yet more tablets which I have to collect after 4pm but at 4.10pm I'll be at the hospital 30 minutes away having a mammogram so I need to pick the medication up on the way home then get back to cook tea following which I was going with a friend to watch 'Grease' at the local pop-up cinema.  The thought of all that has scrambled my brain to the point where I've just canceled the trip to 'Grease' which is the one thing I don't have to do and, interestingly, just removing that one thing from my day has made me feel better.  Note to self: sometimes accepting that you can't do everything and just prioritising is the way to a calmer life.

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