Lack of sleep

Bad night last night and absolutely nothing to do with dementia just one of those nights where my body wanted to sleep but my brain wanted to party.  I tried all my usual strategies such as remembering holidays gone by, redesigning the house, redesigning other people's houses, going downstairs for a while, reading, listening to the radio but nothing seemed to work.  I finally dropped off around 4 am only to be woken three hours later by Ash jiffling around doing his best not to wake me but hoping against hope that I would so that he could check details of the day ahead.  One of the things I really, really miss about our old life is being able to lie in and make up for lost night time sleep but it's no longer an option so up I got, made the tea then snuggled back down under the warm duvet.  The difficulty there though is to avoid falling back to sleep as, if I do that, then Ash gets doubly anxious and doesn't know quite what to do.  It's another of those instances where you think it's the big things that would be a problem and instead you find it's the oh so little things which must be avoided at all costs.  Anyway we both survived and here I am after lunch and feeling as though I've been hit with a sledge hammer and not a chance of writing anything interesting, scintillating or useful, only dull parts are swimming to the surface.  Sorry.  Normal service will resume tomorrow.

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