New decade, new opportunities

Ok folks, I now have a Twitter account (just search for Memory For Two) and, as I'm not very good at this sort of thing, I need your help to spread the word.  This blog has been amazing at helping to clear my brain and I love having a topic spring into my mind and then be able to write about it but there have also been times when some little thing has happened in a day and either it hasn't fitted anywhere into the blog or it's got lost along the way as other events have overtaken it so I thought twitter might be the place for those small moments.  Still finding my way round it all but, as I drag myself into the second decade of the 21st Century, I think I'm ready to learn.  There are other exciting opportunities to come which I'll tell you about some other time but I can tell you I have a feeling that, circumstances aside, this could be a good year all round.

Oh, and as for the changes I made to our bedroom they really did the trick (and NO not in that way - that's so not going to happen) and the room was so calm and relaxing last night that I just drifted off to sleep and stayed comatose for a good seven hours.  Not only that but the first thing Ash said this morning was 'are you going to switch your lights on'? which just shows there are still some things which pierce his consciousness.

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Emjayar said…
Followed Jane. You wont recognize my name though. I'm @sweepie :-)
Jane said…
thank you. still finding my way round it all but will get to grips with it at some point.
Anonymous said…
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