Now it's the turn of the milk!

You may have read the saga of the missing washing up liquid, you may remember the details of the disappearing firelighters, you may still be pondering the piles of dish cloths and then there were the bread loaves, saucepan lids and numerous other items which disappeared either never to be seen or again or to come to light in an unexpected place somewhere in the house but now it's the turn of the milk and with it comes the feeling once again of the earth shifting beneath my feet.

Yesterday I'd planned quiche for tea but realised that it would possibly use up all the milk we had left so I went out to the shed where I was sure Ash had put a carton when we got back from shopping last Thursday.   That milk was however nowhere to be seen, not in the usual shed or either of the alternatives even though I searched high and low so, feeling that perhaps I was mistaken (but who knows), off I went to buy more.  By the time I got home the carton which had been opened and which I'd left on the worktop had disappeared.  There was still a fair amount in it and I didn't think Ash would have been able to drink about fifty cups of tea while I'd been out but one never knows and anyway it's no use asking him so I shrugged my shoulders, opened one of the new ones and forgot all about it.  This morning I went out for a lovely walk with friends, had coffee with another and got home in time for lunch.  Opened the fridge and there, alongside the newly opened carton of milk from last night, was the wayward one that disappeared yesterday afternoon.  It wasn't in the fridge last night when we went to bed, it wasn't in the fridge this morning when I made my porridge but there it was brazenly sitting in the fridge door as though nothing had happened.  I have no idea what adventure it had been on but it certainly left me scratching my head and wondering, not for the first time, whether it's me not Ash.

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