There are advantages

In all the years we've been together Ash had made me feel good about myself.  He's supported me through difficult times, he's praised me when I've got something right, he's told me when he's been proud of me and, whatever my shape or size, he's made it clear he's loved my body.  All of that is now at an end and sometimes it makes me sad however I recently realised that there is one big advantage to him taking no notice of me.  For several years I've had a problem with my scalp.   You don't need all the gory details but suffice to say it was sore and nothing I tried cured the problem.  Then someone suggested coconut oil rubbed into my scalp before I went to bed.  Now in the past, when Ash noticed everything about me, this would really have been opening myself up to ridicule.  The thought of him in hysterics at my greasy hair as I got into bed would have driven me crazy as would his remarks about the aroma.  This wouldn't have been meant nastily (and I would have been exactly the same if the situations were reversed) but it would certainly have stopped me doing anything like it.  Now however it doesn't matter and I go to bed every night smelling like a coconut tart and looking like a cross between a punk rocker and a teddy boy without a single comment.  The real bonus though is that, for the first time in around five years, I have a healthy scalp and soft shiny hair.  You see - nothing is all bad!

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Cornwall Girl said…
this is so funny Jane. My OH has completely changed today into somone I dont know at all its as if a light switch has been flicked. Reminding myself thats its just the desease but its not easy and you making me lol has helped ..thank you!
Jane said…
And you leaving a comment on my post makes me feel good so it's a win-win situation as far as I can see.