A breakthrough!

Last night I realised there had been a breakthrough in our lives.  Ash had laid the table as he usually does while I organised tea and I'd left him to it as I usually do but this time as I took the plates through I noticed something - the place mats and coasters didn't match!!  Once upon a time this would have caused me no small amount of anxiety and, in fact, has been the cause of great hilarity among family and friends over a number of years but last night I looked then shrugged my shoulders (metaphorically I think but who knows), sat down and ate my food.  A breakthrough indeed and a sign that not all is bad in the world of dementia.  Whether I'll feel the same about non-matching pegs on the washing line come the summer though is another matter entirely.

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dasntn said…
Hi Jane

real progress! I guess having to focus so hard on the needs of others means we can't think about ourselves so much, and as a result, good things can happen!
Jane said…
I think so too David and also that when there is so much to be battled with just now non matching place mats and coaster really are the least of my worries.